First Outing

IMG_4849Friday morning we packed up the truck with everything we imagined we might need for our first weekend in the new rig.  We went to SeeGrins, the RV dealer in Gilroy, where we had arranged to have someone walk us through hitching and unhitching, leveling, and a few other questions we had.  In the process we noticed we had a flat tire on the truck, so we detoured to a tire shop in Gilroy for a repair, before hooking up and heading out.IMG_4855

We had both been a little nervous about maneuvering with the fifth wheel behind the truck, but the first turns and getting on the freeway went very smoothly.  Once on the freeway, it was barely noticeable.  Ted had to keep an eye on the speedometer to keep us from going over the new normal speed.  We certainly had the power, but safe and sensible sound good to me — I don’t mind giving up the fast lane.

Toe for scale 😉

We got to San Lorenzo County Park in King City (we just wanted an easy place, not too far, where we could hook up and check everything out).  There were lots of fivers there, so we felt in good company.  We saw a pull-through space and thought that sounded just right.  Turning into the site, we easily cleared a big tree trunk, but forgot to look up.  We scraped the edge of the roof against a limb for about 2 feet.  Oops.  Rookie mistake. We also realized that there wasn’t enough room for the slide-outs in that spot.  Looking for a spot with lots of clearance all around, we decided on a back-in site.  Still flustered from the first attempt, we made a few tries at backing in, before finding a big pull-through site.  Ahh.  Cocktail time.

Our friends joined us for the weekend and we had some great meals, lots of laughs, and even a movie matinee (we did have to check out all the systems!).  We made a checklist of things to talk to the dealer about and a list of things we need to bring next time.  It was a great weekend and we felt pretty good about the rig.IMG_4901

On Sunday night we hooked back up and headed to Gilroy to spend the night at SeeGrins where we had an 8am appointment to have a solar panel installed.  After one quick look at the damage we did to the roof, we learned that we’d be getting a new roof!  Insurance will cover it, but this means that we had to cancel our trip to the Sierra in two weeks.

Our checklist for the RV service guys includes checking out a bad GFI outlet, the gasket in the toilet bowl, replacing outdoor speakers.  Little stuff.  Plus a roof.


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