In Between

We are without RV.  The RoadTrek is gone and we have yet to take possession of the fiver.  We have been driving the truck around and are getting used to it.  It’s a breeze to drive and Ted is now pretty comfortable parking the behemoth.  I still have trouble parking in an empty parking lot — staying inside the lines is pretty tricky.  Adding a 30′ fifth-wheel trailer is a whole nother ballgame.

cupboardWe have our first weekend trip planned with the new rig: a checkout trip at a county campground a couple hours south.  We’ll stop to pick up the fiver in Gilroy, where we’ve arranged to have someone help us with the first hook-up, leveling, and so forth, then we’ll head to the campground.  During this trip we’ll start to assess what we need to outfit the rig for the longer hauls.  Do we need a better mattress?  Are we missing any important bits?  How much storage do we really have?  How can we make use of ridiculous cupboards like this?  There are four or five of them in varying dimensions.  Not at all sure what the designer had in mind.


In the meantime I’ve gone through the stuff we kept in the RoadTrek and figured out what should be moved to the fiver.  It’s stacked in a corner of our garage.  We have a list of other stuff we’ll need to bring and we’re making lists of things we still need to get (like a step stool, so I can reach the ridiculous cupboards).  And I’ve been reading about how easy — and dangerous — it is to overload these trailers….

But mostly we wait.

11 days until our first outing.

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