Fiver and a dually

We knew we wanted a rig that was big enough to live in.  We also knew we wanted a smaller vehicle that we could take into town or for exploring the back country.  So a Motorhome towing a car or a truck and trailer?  We went back and forth with all the pros and cons of each.  The RoadTrek was so simple!

IMG_2764When we got serious about shopping for our new (used) rig, we realized that you could get so much more of everything (space, comfort, amenities) for a lot less with a trailer.  And then we’d get a truck to tool around in.  So we bought a 2011 30′ Heartland Sundance fifth wheel trailer (a “fiver”).  It has two slide outs so the living area is quite comfortable.  There’s a separate bedroom and a full time table!


Then we went truck shopping.  So many choices!  In the end we got a 2005 Ford F350 Diesel crew cab long bed with four wheels on the rear axle (a “dually”).  Then we had the fifth wheel hitch installed.  Ready to go, right?

Not yet.  We’re having some work done on the fiver: installing a solar panel and a second battery.  And then we’ll get a generator, when we figure out what we need.  Soon will come the magic moment when we connect the fiver to the dually for the first time.

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