In the beginning….

Ted and I were friends before we were lovers.  And we were tent campers.  In the first year we knew each other we got together every week to see live music, walk the beach, or go camping.  We had the car camping routine down pat — comfy bed, good cooking over the stove, and sharing our affection for vodka and our love for nature.  And then for each other.  As our relationship grew, our camping evolved.  We got a RoadTrek in March of 2012.  We went out on long weekends about once a month to various places in the greater Bay Area: Salt Point to the north, The Sierra to the east.  Santa Barbara to the south.  And many points in between.  The RoadTrek was fantastic.  Drove like a van, but had a comfy bed, stove, fridge, toilet, hot water, heat… It was perfect.

IMG_5439Until we started thinking about longer trips.  The RoadTrek had either a bed or a table, so we kept it as a bed because we ate outside.  There was not a lot of room to move around.  Or do much of anything inside.  We started thinking about getting a new rig.  One that would be good for two weeks.  Or two months.  Or two years,

Today we sold the RoadTrek and I admit to tearing up a bit as it drove away.

One thought on “In the beginning….

  1. It was a little emotional for me also when we got rid of our first camper. (A 2010 Forest River Wildwood travel trailer). We traded it in for a huge fifth wheel toy hauler. I love it! Good luck with your new rig!


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